Who are we

NXT-Dx was acquired by Diagenode, SA. Please visit https://www.diagenode.com to utilize these services and more!

NXT-Dx is a private company founded in 2011 by an experienced management team with combined skills in epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics and bio-informatics. Since its conception NXT-Dx has run high-quality research testing services with its global customers in academia, pharma, biotech and industry.

Who do we work with

NXT-Dx is proud to have served customers from all over the world from academia, pharma, biotech, nutrition, industry, etc and from a wide range of research areas. We try our very best to help our customers in every way possible, whether they need help with sample shipment, project setup, specific protocol changes or downstream analysis of their data. We want to make sure you get not only the best data for your project, but also the best possible service.

What do we do

NXT-Dx uses the latest high-throughput technologies (sequencing, array, qPCR, etc) to deliver state-of-the art services to its customers. We can run full-scope services whereby we take care of everything from sample preparation to bio-informatics and data-analysis. Hereby we can ensure the highest grade of quality both in data delivery and service.

“I’ve been pleased with the service offered by NXT-DX. All my questions were answered quickly and satisfactorily. The data analysis and visualization software is intuitive and does not require long hours to get into it.” Einari A., University of Eastern Finland

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