ChIP-sequencing (or ChIP-seq) is  a technique used to analyze protein interactions with DNA. It combines chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with next generation sequencing in order to identify binding sites of DNA-associated proteins. These binding sites are mapped throughout the entire genome for any protein of interest. ChIP-seq is an ideal technique to study the genomic location of fe histone modifications.

ChIP-seq Some common targets for ChIP-seq:

– Transcription factors

– Histone methylation

– Histone acetylation

– Histone ubiquitination

– …

During ChIPping specific crosslinked DNA-protein complexes are enriched by using an antibody targeting your protein of interest.  All the resulting ChIP-DNA fragments are sequenced simultaneously and the resulting sequencing reads are mapped back to the reference genome. This will effectively give you an idea of where your target protein-DNA interactions occur throughout the entire genome.

NXT-Dx can either sequence already ChIPped products for you or NXT-Dx can take care of both the ChIPping and sequencing. We have a list of well-validated ChIP-seq grade antibodies we can use to ChIP your samples. Please contact us for further details.