The largest and most comprehensive pre-validated CVD panel:
Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death and growing health problem worldwide, but could be greatly reduced with better diagnostic and prognostic tools. There is a great need for more protein biomarkers that can be used for early detection or prevention of recurrence and mortality. Speeding up the process of finding new and relevant biomarkers smooths the way towards reaching these goals. The Multiplexed CVD immunoassay service allows the screening in a single run of 92 cardiovascular-related protein biomarkers across 90 samples.The first CVD panel contains known cardiovascular and inflammatory markers as well as a few exploratory proteins with great potential as new CVD markers.


Adrenomedullin (AM) Agouti-related protein (AGRP)
Angiopoietin-1 receptor (TIE2) Beta-nerve growth factor (Beta-NGF)
Cathepsin D (CTSD) Caspase-8 (CASP-8)
Cathepsin L1 (CTSL1) C-C motif chemokine 20 (CCL20)
C-C motif chemokine 3 (CCL3) C-C motif chemokine 4 (CCL4)
CD40 ligand (CD40L) Chitinase-3-like protein 1 (CHI3LI)
C-X-C motif chemokine 1 (CXCL1) C-X-C motif chemokine 6 (CXCL6)
C-X-C motif chemokine 16 (CXCL16) Cystatin-B (CSTB)
Dickkopf-related protein 1 (Dkk-1) Endothelial cell-specific molecule 1 (ESM-1)
Eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) Epidermal growth factor (EGF)
E-selectin (SELE) Fatty acid-binding protein, adipocyte (FABP4)
Fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF-23) Follistatin (FS)
Fractalkine (CX3CL1) Galanin peptides (GAL)
Galectin-3 (Gal-3) Growth hormone (GH)
Growth/differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) Heat shock 27 kDa protein (HSP 27)
Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein (IL-1ra) Interleukin-18 (IL-18)
Interleukin-27 subunit alpha (IL27-A) Interleukin-4 (IL-4)
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) Interleukin-6 receptor subunit alpha (IL-6RA)
Interleukin-8 (IL-8) Kallikrein-11 (hK11)
Kallikrein-6 (KLK6) Lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor 1 (LOX-1)
Leptin (LEP) Macrophage colony-stimulating factor 1 (CSF-1)
Matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) Matrix metalloproteinase-10 (MMP-10)
Matrix metalloproteinase-12 (MMP-12) Matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP-3)
Matrix metalloproteinase-7 (MMP-7) Melusin (ITGB1BP2)
Membrane-bound aminopeptidase P (mAmP) Monocyte chemotactic protein 1 (MCP-1)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO) Myoglobin (MB)
Natriuretic peptides B (BNP) NF-kappa-B essential modulator (NEMO)
N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-pro-BNP) Osteoprotegerin (OPG)
Ovanrian cancer-related tumor marker CA 125 (CA-125) Pappalysin-1 (PAPPA)
Pentraxin-related protein PTX3 (PTX3) Placenta growth factor (PlGF)
Platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule (PECAM-1) Platelet-derived growth factor subunit B (PDGF subunit B)
Interleukin-16 (IL16) Prolactin (PRL)
Protein S100-A12 (EN-RAGE) Proteinase-activated receptor 1 (PAR-1)
Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase Src (SRC) P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 (PSGL-1)
Receptor for advanced glycosylation end products (RAGE) Renin (REN)
Resistin (RETN) SIR2-like protein (SIRT2)
Spondin-1 (SPON1) ST2 protein (ST2)
Stem cell factor (SCF) Thrombomodulin (TM)
TIM-1 (TIM) Tissue factor (TF)
Tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) TNF-related activation-induced cytokine (TRANCE)
TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 2 (TRAIL-R2)
Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 14 (TNFSF14) Tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 (TNF-R1)
Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 (TNF-R2) Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 5 (CD40)
Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 6 (FAS) Urokinase plasminogen activator surface receptor (U-PAR)
Vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) Vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGF-D)