NXT-Dx offers mRNA, miRNA and total RNA directional RNA sequencing services. By performing (directional) RNA sequencing, customers get an idea of all the RNAs (mRNA, miRNA, etc) present in their samples. With directional RNA sequencing they also get information which strand (sense vs anti-sense) the RNA originated from. This service allows customers to look for effects of methylation events on transcription within their samples.

Highlights of this service:

–          Full transcriptome

–          Information on the origin of the RNA (sense vs antisense strand)

–          Good combination with methylome analysis

The Workflow:

Customers send in their RNA samples. The samples are processed and sequenced. Customers get their raw data on a hard disk and on top of this get access to their mapped data in our H2G2 genome browser software. The software allows for easy analysis after completion of the experiment.